The Poison Belt = 劇毒地帶


作者:Arthur Conan Doyle[原作];甦活中英文編輯所[編輯]


出版社:Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 甦活全球網路

出版地:Salt Lake City, UT. 臺北市

格式:EPUB 流式


The legendary Professor Challenger hits the headlines once again. In a letter to The Times, he asserts that a change in the earth's cosmic surroundings is resulting in the poisoning of the planet. He claims that seemingly unconnected worldwide disasters prove that the earth has swum into a poison belt of ether - and towards inevitable destruction. Ed Malone, the dynamic young journalist, is then invited to visit the Professor with the strange request to 'bring oxygen'. The four members of The Lost World expedition reunited, they settle down to a hearty lunch, with the Professor determined to enjoy his final few hours. Is this all a strange ruse of the Professor's or is total annihilation really only hours away?

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