Richard II = 理查二世


作者:William Shakespeare[原作];甦活中英文編輯所[編輯]


出版社:Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 甦活全球網路

出版地:Salt Lake City, UT. 臺北市

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King Richard the Second is a history play by William Shakespeare believed to be written in approximately 1595. It is based on the life of King Richard II of England and is the first part of a tetralogy, referred to by scholars as the Henriad, followed by three plays concerning Richard's successors: Henry IV,…

  • Richard II(p.navPoint-1)
  • Act I(p.navPoint-2)
  • SCENE I. London. KING RICHARD II's palace.(p.navPoint-2)
  • SCENE II. The DUKE OF LANCASTER'S palace.(p.navPoint-4)
  • SCENE III. The lists at Coventry.(p.navPoint-5)
  • SCENE IV. The court.(p.navPoint-6)
  • Act II(p.navPoint-7)
  • SCENE I. Ely House.(p.navPoint-7)
  • SCENE II. The palace.(p.navPoint-9)
  • SCENE III. Wilds in Gloucestershire.(p.navPoint-10)
  • SCENE IV. A camp in Wales.(p.navPoint-11)
  • Act III(p.navPoint-12)
  • SCENE I. Bristol. Before the castle.(p.navPoint-12)
  • SCENE II. The coast of Wales. A castle in view.(p.navPoint-14)
  • SCENE III. Wales. Before Flint castle.(p.navPoint-15)
  • SCENE IV. LANGLEY. The DUKE OF YORK's garden.(p.navPoint-16)
  • Act IV(p.navPoint-17)
  • SCENE I. Westminster Hall.(p.navPoint-17)
  • Act V(p.navPoint-19)
  • SCENE I. London. A street leading to the Tower.(p.navPoint-19)
  • SCENE II. The DUKE OF YORK's palace.(p.navPoint-21)
  • SCENE III. A royal palace.(p.navPoint-22)
  • SCENE IV. The same.(p.navPoint-23)
  • SCENE V. Pomfret castle.(p.navPoint-24)
  • SCENE VI. Windsor castle.(p.navPoint-25)