The Shadow Line = 陰影線


作者:Joseph Conrad[原作];甦活中英文編輯所[編輯]


出版社:Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 甦活全球網路

出版地:Salt Lake City, UT. 臺北市

格式:EPUB 流式


A shining example of Conrad's later literary ability, 'The Shadow-Line' is his autobiographical novella of a young man in his first command as a sea captain. A series of crises prove incredibly difficult for his new authority, for the sea is curiously becalmed and the crew is weakened by feverish malaria. When the first mate's fear convinces many that the ship is haunted and cursed by the malevolent spirit of the previous captain, the young man must cope with their superstition as well as the conspicuous absence of much-needed medicine. A suspenseful sea story of a young man in a defining moment of his life, when the indistinct line separating an inexperienced boy from a mature man becomes perfectly clear, 'The Shadow-Line' brims with intense existence, straining responsibility, and threatened principles in a probing study of masculinity.

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