The Innocents = 天真者 : 給愛人的故事


作者:Sinclair Lewis[原作] ;甦活中英文編輯所[編輯]


出版社:Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 甦活全球網路

出版地:Salt Lake City, UT. 臺北市

格式:EPUB 流式

If this were a ponderous work of realism, such as the author has attempted to write, and will doubtless essay again, it would be perilous to dedicate it to the splendid assembly of young British writers, lest the critics search for Influences and Imitations. But since this is a flagrant excursion, a tale for people who still read Dickens and clip out spring poetry and love old people and children, it may safely confess the writer's strident admiration for Compton Mackenzie, Hugh Walpole, Oliver Onions, D. H. Lawrence, J. D. Beresford, Gilbert Cannan, Patrick MacGill, and their peers, whose novels are the histories of our contemporaneous Golden Age.

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