Peter Pan



作者:James M. Barrie[原作];甦活中英文編輯所[編輯]


出版社:Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation 甦活全球網路

出版地:Salt Lake City, UT. 臺北市

格式:EPUB 流式

Peter pan, the mischievous boy who refuses to grow up, lands in the Darling's proper middle-class home to look for his shadow. He befriends Wendy, John and Michael and teaches them to fly (with a little help from fairy dust). He and Tinker Bell whisk them off to Never-land where they encounter the Red Indians, the Little Lost Boys, pirates and the dastardly Captain Hook. Unlike the boiled-down, sugarcoated contemporary versions of Peter Pan, the original classic by Barrie is not only magical but witty, sophisticated and delightfully odd.

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